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We bring lots of fun for little ones!

Little Ones Playtime

Whether it’s a birthday party, play date or any celebration, the little ones in your life can play, explore and have clean safe fun delivered to them.

About Us

We are a local, family owned company that delivers soft play equipment directly to you. Having 2 little boys of our own, we too have experienced playgrounds that are great for older kids but not so much for the smaller ones and babies. At Little Ones Playtime, we know your little ones will learn, be stimulated, engage their motor skills, and use their imagination while they play. Plus it’s the best way to burn some energy! So sit back, enjoy celebrating your little one and let us bring the fun to you!


A soft play area for kids offers convenience as it saves time and effort by handling all aspects of the setup, from planning to installation.


We maintain proper hygiene by using cleaning and sanitization protocols for the play equipment and ensuring a clean and safe environment for children to enjoy.


A soft play area for kids ensures engaging designs and equipment selection that captivates children's interest and encourages active participation in the play space.


Our team ensures safety through their expertise in implementing best practices in designing and installing the play equipment.

Color Options

Whimsical Deluxe Package.jpeg

The whimsical and multicolored soft play kids area invites children to explore a vibrant wonderland of fun and imagination.

Dreamy Deluxe Package.jpeg

The dreamy soft play kids area, adorned in white and grey tones, offers a serene and magical space where young minds can embark on delightful adventures.

How it Works

Choose your package size and color. We currently offer three packages and two color options. 

White dog bouncer.jpeg
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